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In Loving Memory

Homer N. E. Rutty, Snr.

Founder of Trans Caribe Express Shippers, Inc, a New Jersey-based family-owned shipping company  transitioned on Friday, March 26, 2021, in Orange, New Jersey, peacefully at home with his loving family.   Mr.  Homer lives on in the air we breathe, and we hold him dearly in our hearts as his family commit to carry on his legacy.

Click the Video belwo to View Homer’s Documentary Tribute: Produced by Haile Giorgis his grandson.

April 6, 1936

March 26, 2021

Generous Soul

Family Legacy


Homer is survived by his wife Olive, their eight children Roydel (Poulas), Ian (Zacharias), Gregory (Mikael), Lezlie, Cheryl, Homer Jnr. (Markos), Emile (Haile) and Simone (Tsege), alongside 38 grandchildren, 37 great-grandchildren with one expecting Summer 2021, and 4 grandchildren who transitioned into Zion.  


The Rutty family carry on Homer’s legacy of caring for the village now hail a great tribe and legacy.  Homer and his family migrated to Union, New Jersey on his wife’s born day, July 16, 1979, in pursuit of a better life for his family in the states. 


Homer was a generous father to countless with a vibrant soul and untamed spirit.  He was passionate about his beliefs and lived a vibrant, colorful, and adventurous life.




Homer was a giant god amongst men who showed unconditional love, compassion, and servitude to his family and his community. 


Homer was committed to ensuring that the country of their birth, Jamaica, was never forgotten. The Rutty family hails from Walkerswood St Ann and their family foundation ensured they gift forward this love for philanthropy and has been in service to the Walkerswood school district and community for over 25 years.  


Homer was born on April 6, 1936 and grew up in St. Ann.  He moved to Walkerswood on his ancestors’ land in this tranquil country village, rich in culture and strong in spirit.  Homer and Olive encouraged everyone to lend helping hands to enrich their communities.  Homer had a passion for helping people and started a shipping company with a used station wagon in 1980.  As the patriarch, he left his children to run the legacy and the honor to continue to care for and develop the ancestral land in Jamaica. 

The family has expanded their assistance to other communities to be able to impact on and transform the lives of other children.   The family is truly proud of Homer’s legacy and pledged to work in love and oneness to keep his vision alive. 


2004 September

Homer and his family were instrumental in setting up a hurricane relief center for the victims of Hurricane Ivan that impacted Jamaica. A collection of non-perishable foods, clothes, medical supplies, and cleaning supplies were donated and shipped by Trans Caribe. 

2007 june

Rutty Roots Walkerswood community service provides a higher standard of education to the youths in the community was where we determined that change can be impacted.  Over the past years, we have donated books, computers, desks, and kitchen equipment to the community.  Our mission is to provide the necessary resources and provisions for the youth to help them succeed and to capture the hearts of the right organizations and sponsors who will donate to help our cause.

2009 July

Jamaican Organization of New Jersey (JON-J):  The founder

2014 September

Friends of Ulster Springs Hospital:  Trans Caribe has been active in working with Friends of Ulster Springs Hospital, a New Jersey-based charitable organization to send medical supplies and hospital beds to donate to the hospitals in Jamaica with Dr. Trevor Dixon and Jamaican’s Abroad Helping Jamaicans at Home and Abroad (JAHJAH) Foundation.   

2014 October

Heritage Awards:  Presented to Trans Caribe Express Shippers by Mr. Herman Lamont, the Council General of Jamaica – New York Chapter, for community outreach and volunteering to assist with the Ebola initiative in   Jamaica.

2014 December

Jamaicans Abroad Helping Jamaicans at Home (JAHJAH) Foundation:  For the past twelve years, Trans Caribe has contributed to working with Dr. Trevor Dixon, founder of Jah Jah Foundation, to assist in transporting, storing, and shipping hospital supplies and equipment to hospitals across Jamaica.  Trans Caribe has committed to this ongoing initiative every year.

2015 August

Rutty Roots Walkerswood community service sponsored a Summer Program and a Back-to-School treat day and provided school supplies, treats, and book bags for students as the Primary and Basic schools in Walkerswood.

2016 August

August 2016:

Rutty Roots Walkerswood community service sponsored a Back-to-School treat day and provided school supplies, treats, and book bags for students as the Primary and Basic schools in Walkerswood.


The family and Trans Caribe continue to assist with shipments of numerous trailers and shipments of medical, school, and building supplies throughout the Americas, The Caribbean, and Africa.  The family plan to open the Homer Rutty, Snr. Health and Education Foundation to carry on the legacy of their well-loved Patriarch.  Homer is in a better place now, free from pain and suffering, and joins the angels and ancestors in the arms of Our Benevolent Creator.  He lives on in the air we breathe, and we hold him dearly in our hearts, world without end.

Celebration of Life:

 Date: April 3, 2021


Venue: Bisrate Gebriel Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church

1046 South Orange Ave.
South Orange, NJ 07106

Procession to Rosedale Cemetery

408 Orange Road Montclair, NJ
Release of White Doves

Church Service

Due to CDC and COVID Guidelines, we are practicing social distancing.  The maximum capacity for the church is 150 people.  100 seats are reserved for immediate family and 50 seats are reserved for friends and colleagues.  RSVP is on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Thank you for your understanding and kind regards during this time.

Married 63 Years
Wedding Anniversary March 10, 2021

Homer is survived by his wife Olive Joyce, their eight children Roydel (Poulas), Ian (Zacharias), Gregory (Mikael), Lezlie, Cheryl, Homer Jnr. (Markos), Emile (Haile) and Simone (Tsege), alongside 38 grand-children, 37 great-grandchildren with another great-grand  expecting soon, and 4 grandchildren who transitioned to Zion.  

Homers’ 8 Children

Roydel Rutty


Ian Rutty


Gregory Rutty

“Kinfe Mikael”

Lezlie Gayle


Homer, Jr

“Zena Markos”

cheryl gomes


emile Rutty

“Haile Meskel”

simone rutty

“Fan’aye Tsege Mariam”

Dad’s Favorite Hymns

Our dad was a very loving patriarch to everyone.  Homer had a great love for music and had an enormous CD collection.  Here are some of his favorite hymns that we will sing with him as we celebrate the life of this giant of a man. 

Great Is Thy Faithfulness
It is Well With My Soul
When They Ring Those Golden Bells

church Service

The church service will be officiated by the clergy of the Debre Ganet Kidus Gabriel EOTC, Orange, NJ.  The sermon will be performed by Melake Tsion Mhatma Selassie Walsh.

Bisrate Gebriel Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church

1046 South Orange Ave. Newark, NJ 07106

Rosedale Cemetary

408 Orange Road Montclair, NJ

Releasing of white doves.

Our Family Tributes

My dear sweet Dada.  You are my first love and my first hero.  I was the tail that followed you everywhere, even to work.  I followed you to the outdoor toilet and sat and waited for you in the middle of the tranquil sky-filled nights in Walkerwood.  You told me I didn’t have to sit in the dark and wait for you.  I told you yes I will wait because I am your “Handbag” and everywhere you go, I go!  You laughed that huge laugh of yours and the name stuck!  You called me Sim-Sim or your “wash belly” because I am the baby of the family.  You called me your General because you said I was militant and walked with my chest held high.  You called me your baby Amazon (a name I didn’t like too much back then) because of my physical strength.  I got every shred of love, honor, and integrity and my love for community and justice from you.  You called me so many lovely names.  I call you a god amongst men and a shining example of an awesome provider. I love you in this life and eternally!

Your little Sim-Sim

Dear Poulas, Leslie, Zakarias, Mikael, Cheryl, Zena Markos, Haile /Emile, Fan’aye & Families,
So sad to hear of Our ‘Dad’s’ (Zena Selassie) passing.  Many family occasions I have attended with you all and have been repeatedly mistaken by family members that I was Dad/Homer’s son too.  I share in this loss.
May his soul be embraced in the evergreen place by the rivers of waters in the bosom of our Fathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Amen 🙏🏽
Kes Haile of Bermuda
Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church
Our dearest Marate. family, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.
My family and I are very saddened to hear that your beloved father has passed away and we will have a candlelight memorial with my family and church parish for the unprecedented legacy he has left behind.
May our sweet Lord keep your father’s soul in the heavens and our heartfelt sympathy be with you and your loved ones.
R.I.P, PaPa.
Yours truly, 
Your Ethiopian Family, the Parish and local community of Lalibela, Ethiopia
Segn and family.

We Carry on Homer’s Legacy with our family of companies.